The Power of Your Intent

Intent is capable of profoundly affecting all aspects of our lives.

A common description for intention is a mental state in which an individual commits themselves to a course of action. A familiar understanding is a goal driven by the resolve to achieve a particular result. A personal example is creating a plan to declutter my kitchen pantry before the end of August.

Having just declared that I must confess to realizing for some time now that I am at a life stage where intention no longer can be about pushing myself to accomplish something that needs doing.

In Dr. Wayne Dyer's book, The Power of Intention, he proposes this definition: “Intention is a field of energy that flows invisibly beyond the reach of our normal, everyday habitual patterns….We have the means to attract this energy to us and experience life in an exciting new way.” His insight presents intention, not as something that one does but rather something that one may seek as a way of being.  

I am focused on being in this chapter of my life. 

A little background. Twenty years ago, I completed a master’s thesis that researched the lived experience of eight high achieving Edmonton women, each representing a different occupational sector. Every one of these amazing women had reached a significant pinnacle of success in her career journey.

A phenomenon that emerged from the research was the immense dedication these eight women had given to their professional work and to their community. However, it was also evident that their inner drive and professional success had taken a toll on their personal health and well-being. The stories of these amazing women led me to launch a private practice in career counselling and coaching aimed at serving high achieving women professionals.

Almost to the person, the high achieving women I have met over the past twenty years tend to drive themselves at a frantic pace to fulfill their obligations. The result from this non-stop, almost dogged doing can be chronic stress and burnout. I do not believe this is their intent however, it is too often an outcome.

World famous author, activist, and scholar Maya Angelo challenges us to remember that “people will judge you by your actions, not by your intentions.” This begs a question for me about motivation. Do these high achievers feel driven to perform from an unconscious fear of being judged by others? 

An interesting fact about our brain is the small role played by our conscious mind (10%) compared to our subconscious mind (50%). The latter contains our beliefs, habits, addictions, imagination, intuition, and protective reactions. [The other 40% is buried in our unconscious].

The reality is that until we STOP, BREATHE, and REFLECT, to become consciously AWARE, we may be operating more from our unconscious than our conscious mind. Surely this leads to an undermining of our best intentions!

At this life stage, it is my intent to be in service to others through connecting to the Source of all that is and its Divine Energy. This intention will come to fruition only to the extent I devote myself to less doing and more being.

The idea of making more time for contemplation feels good to me right now. 

Be kind to yourself,

Love Kathleen