Are you.......
  • yearning to find the work that truly transcends and "fits" who you are deep within?

  • feeling a lack of connectedness or belonging, and are no longer willing to compromise?

  • adjusting to a new role and looking for clarity with unbiased guidance/mentoring/strategic advice?

  • wanting to regenerate the leadership skills that will demonstrate your authentic self?

  • wondering how to have more impact in your professional work without burning out?

  • seeking to establish healthier work-life integration approaches to increase satisfaction and joy?

  • experiencing depression, anxiety, chronic stress, compassion fatigue or burn out? Seeking support?

Each one of us has the potential to find the "answer" within to resolve many of life's issues, but sometimes we need extra support to help us see beyond the immediate situation.

Consider the benefits of working with an experienced, inspirational and empathic counselling therapist/executive coach who will engage you in the transformational "Inside Out Work" that is guaranteed to improve career-life satisfaction and joy.   

You will:
  • apply Kathleen's Essence Guided Career-Life Model  to shine a light on how to connect with and be true to your SELF.

  • identify your unique strengths to liberate your potential and allow you to step into the unkown with courage.

  • understand how to apply your natural talents, motivatorspersonality, character strengths, and values into your daily actions.

  • transform your thinking to become clear and confident about the possible paths forward in your career-life journey.

  • recognize the toll of negative energy on your health and well-being from a poor work-life fit.

  • resolve work-related anxiety, depression, stress overload, compassion fatigue or burnout symptoms.

Kathleen's lived experience has provided her with a bone deep understanding of the complex issues people may face at every stage of the career/family life cycle. 

As an Advanced Certified Personal and Executive coach, Career Counselling Psychotherapist, Certified Stress Consultant, and Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist, Kathleen is the source for implementing timely, powerful and positive change in your life.

If you wish to engage in a deep growth experience, call or text today to arrange a 30 min. complimentary consultation: 780-951-7780.

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CAREER is a lifestyle concept involving all of a person's roles (paid work, personal roles, learning, leisure). An individual's career is unique and dynamic as it unfolds throughout the journey of life.  

                         "Every person has the wisdom to create a meaningful life with Essence as their Guide."