Need a Career Coach? a Career Counsellor? a Career Mentor?  Are you...........

  • looking for career support in your role as supervisor, manager or senior leader?
  • contemplating a job change or making a career transition?
  • feeling overwhelmed from the demands of your paid career role plus home/family responsibilities?
  • looking for an ICF accredited coach with whom you can discuss leadership issues, manage staff or plan advancement strategies? 

  • feeling depressed, anxious, burned out?  unable to manage your stress load? ready to quit?

Consider the benefits of working with a credentialed Career Coach, Career Counsellor, Career Mentor who's an experienced manager/leader and a career development expert.

Kathleen is an energetic and resourceful strategic thinking partner.  A trusted career advisor and career mentor who will engage you in a motivating, inspiring, and supportive process guaranteed to improve career satisfaction and peace of mind.   

You will:

  • understand how to deliberately apply your natural talents, motivators and personality preferences in your career,

  • identify your unique competencies, strengths, knowledge and experience to advance your career with confidence,

  • use an Essence Guided Career Model to understand how being true to your Life Purpose, Philosophy, Principles and Priorities can lead to a more gratifying career journey,

  • recognize the enormous toll that poor job fit and occupational stress overload can have on your overall health and wellbeing.

Extensive career consulting and management expertise has provided Kathleen with a bone deep understanding of the issues facing individuals at every stage of the family and career life cycle.

Her career counselling therapy and career coaching services are specifically designed to support individuals who wish to live and work from their essence to reach their full potential.   

With education and training as an Advanced Certified Personal and Executive coach, Career Counselling Psychotherapist and Certified Stress Consultant, Kathleen is the source for personally meaningful career strategies.

If you are ready to engage in an indepth career focused growth experience, explore this site to learn more about Kathleen's career coaching, career counselling and stress consulting services.  

Call today to arrange for a 30 min. complimentary telephone consultation: 780-752-4015.

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CAREER is a lifestyle concept involving all of a person's roles (paid work, personal, learning, leisure). An individual's career is unique and dynamic as it unfolds throughout the journey of life.  

                         "Every person has the wisdom to create a meaningful life with Essence as their Career Guide."