Kathleen knows first hand the complexity of being responsible for strategic direction, operationalizing growth objectives, and managing large projects and staff while also juggling personal/family commitments.

During her tenure as an executive in the charitable sector Kathleen created innovative employment training and education support services for marginalized and disadvantaged populations. In her words, being involved in mission-driven work can be like an elixir to hardworking people motivated by the value of service. However, it can also become a journey to burnout. Observing elevated stress and burnout in those around her, not to mention nearly succumbing to it herself, prompted her to make a significant work transition.

Kathleen completed a Master of Arts in Pastoral Psychology and Counselling in 2003, and launched a private consulting/counselling practice. Along with training as a psychotherapist, she has also completed advanced personal and executive coach training, is certified as a stress consultant and as a clinical counselling hypnotherapist.

Kathleen was interviewed in 2016 by Avenue Magazine in Edmonton, Alberta about making a career transition.

A Special Interest in Women's Careers

Kathleen defines "career" as being inclusive of one's paid and unpaid roles, learning and leisure. Through this definition, comes recognition of the significant contribution made by family caregivers for all of their life's work.  From many years of enduring her own “pressure cooker” career, Kathleen brings personal wisdom and insight into the challenges facing women with demanding careers. 

Research for her Master’s thesis project involved interviewing and understanding the complex career journeys of 8 high achieving Alberta women, each one at the pinnacle of her professional journey. Their stories have been published in her book/journal Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives: A Woman's Career Legacy

These women's stories of perseverance, values and courage strengthened Kathleen's passion for supporting women's potential. Her research led to professional work dedicated to helping ordinary women create uniquely meaningful career journeys.

Kathleen Johnston is keenly motivated to support the career wellbeing of those she serves. She knows fully, and has witnessed first hand, an individual’s power to change their lives in truly meaningful ways. An ideal client shares Kathleen’s belief that every individual deserves the opportunity to live, love and work to their full potential. Choosing to work with Kathleen involves a commitment to personal and professional growth.

Kathleen's Credentials

Education / Training

•    B.Sc. Human Ecology, Professional Home Economist
•    Master of Arts in Pastoral Psychology & Counselling
•    Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC#6124)
•    Certified Stress and Wellness Consultant (Canadian Institute of Stress)
•    Certified Executive Career Coach (CECC, Career Coach Institute)
•    Advanced Certified Personal & Executive Coach (College of Executive Coaching)
•    Mediation and Negotiation, (Alberta Arbitration & Mediation Society 175 hours coursework)
•    Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp. Daybreak Training &Therapy)

Associations / Affiliations

•    Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association
•    Alberta Human Ecology and Home Economics Association
•    Career Development Association of Alberta
•    The International Coach Federation 
•    Edmonton Association of Professional Coaches

Select Achievements

•    Recipient of Edmonton YMCA President's Award of Excellence, 1991
•    Nomination, 1992 YWCA Women of Distinction Award—Community Service
•    Nomination, 2007 YWCA Women of Distinction Award—Advocacy
•    Published Author: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives: A Woman's Career Legacy and A Woman's Career Diary 2010.
•    Contributing author to Canada's first university level career development textbook: Career Development Practice in Canada-                 Perspectives, Principles and Professionalism, 2013.
•    Recipient of Distinguished Service Award, Alberta Human Ecology & Home Economics Assoc. 2015.