Kathleen Johnston is pleased to make available insights into her life’s passion and the results of her work, via her blog that covers issues relevant to Women @ Work, and through her workbooks, Ordinary Women—Extraordinary Lives: A Woman’s Career Legacy and Ordinary Women—Extraordinary Lives: A Woman’s Career Diary.

A Woman’s Career Legacy

While interviewing and conducting research for my master’s thesis, I was inspired to create Ordinary Women—Extraordinary Lives: A Woman’s Career Legacy: part inspirational stories and part career journallying workbook.
Each of the eight women interviewed had created an extraordinary life.  The book is a compilation of their personal career journeys and has been created to celebrate the ways in which women contribute significantly to society. The ways in which they contribute to the common good and how women, through both their paid and unpaid work, make the world a better place.
Each woman's unique story reflects a career lesson to be learned and serves as a catalyst for the reader's reflection on her personal career journey. It is my sincere hope that the stories of these eight women will serve to motivate and inspire readers to join in the process of celebrating their career journeys by taking the time to reflect upon and record their own legacy within this Keepsake Journal.

A Woman’s Career Diary

While creating A Woman's Career Legacy, intended for women closer to the end of their careers as a means for celebrating their achievements and sharing their legacy, the idea came for a book for younger women.  

Ordinary Women—Extraordinary Lives: A Woman’s Career Diary was designed to provide women with the opportunity to diarize their current career experiences.The book contains 18 topics of relevance to today's career women, with each topic section followed by ample journal pages for personal reflection. The book can also be used in group discussions with friends and colleagues as a means for sharing personal insights and experiences, enhancing mutual support and meaning.

A Special Note

Kathleen's journals "Ordinary Women: Extraordinary Lives: A Woman’s Career Legacy and A Woman's Career Diary"  are available for purchase by contacting Kathleen through this website. 
Informed by both academic research and lived experience, A Woman's Career Legacy highlights  the remarkable achievements of 8 Alberta women at the height of their professional careers. 
Each woman's story is a parable for career success as it unveils how she created her own version of truly extraordinary living. Employing a journal format, the book provides you with theopportunity to create a written account of your personal career legacy for your loved ones to enjoy.
The book journal A Woman's Career Diary, contains 18 topics relevant to today's women who are at an the beginning or middle stages of their career journeys. As a personal diary, there is ample journalling space for the reader to reflect, reveal, and record her career experiences.
It's also perfect for group discussions where individuals can share their insights and experiences with other like-minded women. 
Purchased together or separately, each beautiful book makes an excellent personal gift for yourself or an important woman in your life.                                                                      Contact Kathleen through this website to order the book/journals. 


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