The Importance of Temperament

Find a career that suits your temperament.
Do what feels natural and comfortable.

The Importance of Temperament

Temperament is an individual's inherited and enduring set of emotional and behavioral tendencies. This article explores how temperament can influence careers and life.

The science of behavioral molecular genetics is working hard to understand whether predisposition is in our DNA - what aspects of temperament are changeable and which ones are firmly established in our genetic make-up.

Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology, believed that introversion and extroversion qualities are both innate and co-exist within each individual. He proposed that an individual unconsciously presents a mask or a facade, which he called persona, to satisfy the demands of the situation. The theoretical fields studying infant
attachment, social learning and family systems push against the idea of innate predispositions or inborn traits - the age old "nature vs nurture" controversy.

Commencing in the late 1980's, a Harvard psychology professor, Jerome Kagan conducted longitudinal studies that sought to measure the presence and persistence of inborn temperaments.He believed that we have inherited distinctive neurobiological profiles in the amygdala - the brain's early warning system.

Kagan's research on several hundred subjects from infancy through adolesence, indicated that an individual's response to new stimuli produced a mild alarm in some, while in others the identical stimuli signalled an imminent emergency. He termed these differences as low reactive and high reactive. Kagan's research also showed that a highly reactive individual could learn to tolerate what her brain signaled as high risk. In other words, her persona could operate competently enough to manage the nervous or fear-filled situation. However, this same shy, highly reactive type of individual is not likely to choose a career as a politician.

In the last 10 years DNA researchers have identifed genes that increase the likelihood of being shy, optimistic, risk-taking, outgoing and several other temperamental biases. It's important to note, however, that this genetic predisposition does not cause behavior or emotional states, but rather makes us more vulnerable to

This understanding of temperament confirms the importance of finding a career-life niche in which your particular temperament will be of the greatest value. No more squeezing square pegs into round holes. Whether you are a highly sensitive person preferring to avoid large groups or a gregarious, party type - the perfect career awaits your careful and intentional discovery.

Take good care of yourself,

Acknowledgements: Psychotherapy Networker Article: Who Do You Think You are? by Marian Sandmaier)

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The Importance of Temperament
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