Kathleen has been my coach several times over the past six years. Initially, she was instrumental in helping me navigate how best to handle some challenging situations in my workplace. However, over time, we have dug deep into who I am as a professional and as a person. This has involved conversations about everything from my values to my personality preferences to my purpose in life and what I want my Third Act (age 60 years and onward) to look like. Perhaps it’s intuitive that aligning our values with our purpose in life is critical to leading a fulfilling life, but it is through coaching conversations with Kathleen that I found the time and space to figure some of these things out.

With her support, I’ve been able to recognize some of my self-limiting beliefs, think bigger than I otherwise might have, and envision how I want to continue to add value to the communities I’m part of. With her support, I am now implementing a plan towards my vision and have become an entrepreneur—a leadership coach—in my Third Act.

Based on my experiences with Kathleen as my coach, I would describe her as supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental, adaptable and generous. Inevitably, I come away from a conversation with Kathleen feeling better about myself and my concerns than before we began. She is my trusted thought partner, helping me bring things to the surface and examine them from different angles. I always feel safe with her.   Leadership Coach