Life changing both personally and professionally" is what I generally tell people who ask me about my coaching experience with Kathleen.  I went to see Kathleen because I was at a crossroads. Stuck in a job that was diminishing my self-worth, I didn’t know how to package the experience I had to get the job I wanted.  

Having the support of someone who is so invested in helping you find the job that makes your heart sing is gratifying and inspiring. I learned more about myself in each session with Kathleen than I thought possible. I would walk in feeling deflated and leave feeling uplifted and motivated to keep moving forward towards my goal.

I’m happy to say that the transition has been more seamless than I ever imagined. I chalk that up to the fact that I’ve walked into a new role with a stronger sense of who I am and how I like and need to work. That wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t worked with Kathleen. She has truly changed my life and most importantly, she’s changed the way I view work.   Communications Professional